DIXIT Conversation

Why use this?

This method is useful when you already have some relation with your mentee but you want to make it a bit deeper. This game allows you to get to know your mentee ever better but also to show more things about yourself to your mentee!

Well being dixit conversation DIXIT


You need to be in a relaxing place such as a public space, a coffee shop, nature or any place you find relaxing. It’s better to be in front of the mentee, so both of you are face to face, in order to improve the conversation process.

After finding this relaxing place you just need to put on the table 12 cards and follow the following rules.

Step 1:

Each have one turn to ask, and the other person needs to answer by using a card to answer. The questions needs to be something to get to know even better the other person (what are his/her dreams, best moment of the childhood, best learning experience, fears….).

Step 2:

The person who is asking should listen actively, without interrupting. 

Step 3:

When one person finishes their answer it is her/his turn to ask the other person a question.

Using Dixit to facilitate conversations is a good idea to get emotional answers about the topics discussed, and Dixit helps develop creative answers. As a result information shared in this conversation is really different and can help a lot to create new bonds.

Tip from a Mentor

To use this method it is important to have some previous relationship among mentor and mentee with some trust already built, since in this activity can raise sensitive topics.

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