If feelings had images

Why use this?

To identify feelings and state of mind for a better communication.

Mentor Dixit


This method can be used in circumstances where it’s important to identify what feelings are more at the surface in different stages of the volunteering project. It’s a good way to facilitate conversations through an imaginary activity where the images of the cards may help to explain emotions that are sometimes hard to visualize and explain. The dreamlike pictures can help with making associations between images and their inner reactions to us.

Step 1:

Find a comfortable place without distractions;

Step 2:

Spread the Dixit cards across a flat surface, it can be a table or the floor;

Step 3:

Explain to the volunteer that the purpose of the game is to communicate what they are feeling by picking images that speak to them and that can help them explain their emotions at that moment;

Step 4:

Ask the volunteer to pick 1 to 3 cards, there is no need to rush, they can take their time exploring all the cards;

Step 5:

Ask the volunteer why they picked those specific cards and encourage them to explain why and what called them to those images;

Step 6:

Be supportive and listen carefully to what is said so that you can better understand how to help or show encouragement.

Step 7:

You ask follow-up questions and continue using the cards to help communication.

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