Musical Icebreaker

Why use this?

This method helps mentors and volunteers break the ice by sharing their musical tastes, fostering a sense of connection, and starting meaningful conversations.

Spotifymusical icebreaker 1


Step 1:

Create a Playlist: As the mentor, create a Spotify playlist with a diverse selection of songs that reflect various genres and moods. Include a mix of old classics and recent hits.

Step 2:

Share the Playlist: Share the playlist link with your volunteer before your first meeting or session.

Step 3:

Discuss the Playlist: During your meeting, ask your volunteer to listen to the playlist and choose a song that resonates with them or that they have a strong emotional connection to.

Step 4:

Share and Discuss: Have your volunteer share their chosen song with you and explain why they picked it. Share your own song and story as well.

Step 5:

Reflect and Connect: Use this shared music experience as a conversation starter to discuss your respective backgrounds, interests, and emotions. You can delve into deeper topics or simply enjoy a fun conversation about music.

Tip from a Mentor

Be open and non-judgmental about your volunteer’s musical preferences.

Encourage your volunteer to be curious about your song choices as well.


Your volunteer selects a song from their childhood that reminds them of family gatherings.

You share a song that helped you through a challenging time in your life.

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