Why use this?

Participating in Nature Time can lead to various physiological and psychological benefits. These may encompass lowered blood pressure and stress levels, enhanced immune cell production for disease protection, an elevated sense of overall well-being, and potentially even weight loss!


Step 1:

Talk to the volunteers to take a break from the stressful moments/ tasks and to appoint a specificntime to go in the nature for more de 45 minutes.

Step 2:

Tell them to not stress about anything in that time and to meditate focusing on all the senses, to admire and notice all the details.

Step 3:

Have a conversation with the volunteer about what did they felt during that time.

Green montains with a river

Tip from a Mentor

Tell them to write down how did they felt during that time and incorporate this in your session with the volunteer.
In addition, you could assign some “missions” while being out in nature
ex: “Hug 3 trees”, “what animals, birds or insects you saw during your journey”, etc.

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