Songs of Identity – Discover the other through music

Why use this?

This method promotes cultural exchange and deepens the mentor-volunteer connection by creating and sharing playlists that represent their personal identities and cultural backgrounds.

Song of Identity helper


Step 1:

Mentor’s Playlist – could be done online

  • Create Your Playlist: Begin by creating a Spotify playlist that reflects your own cultural identity. Include songs from your country, songs that are meaningful to you personally, or any music that represents your culture.
  • Title and Description: Give your playlist a title that represents your identity or culture. Write a brief description explaining why you chose these songs and their significance.
  • Share with Your Volunteer: Share the playlist link with your volunteer and explain that you’d like them to listen to it before your next meeting.

Step 2:

Volunteer’s Playlist  – could be done online

  • Create Your Playlist: Following the mentor’s example, create your own Spotify playlist that represents your cultural identity. Include songs from your home country, songs that resonate with your experiences, or music that reflects your cultural heritage.
  • Title and Description: Provide your playlist with a title that represents your identity or culture, along with a brief description explaining your song choices.
  • Share with your Mentor: Share the link to your playlist with your mentor, and let them know it’s ready for them to explore.

Step 3:

Discussion: Mutual Playlist Exchange. During your next meeting, both mentor and volunteer should:

  • Listen and Reflect: Spend time listening to each other’s playlists separately and take note of the songs that resonate with you or pique your interest.
  • Discussion: Engage in a conversation about the songs, artists, and cultural aspects represented in the playlists. Share your thoughts and ask questions about each other’s choices.
  • Learning Exchange: Use this activity to learn about each other’s cultures, traditions, and personal experiences through the medium of music.

Tip from a Mentor

Encourage your volunteer to ask questions about your playlist, and be open to learning from their playlist as well.

Use this activity as an opportunity to foster cultural understanding and celebrate the diversity within your mentor-volunteer relationship.

If you or your volunteer don’t have a Spotify Account, you can use any music platform that supports playlist creation.  

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