Soundtrack of My Feelings

Why use this?

This method encourages the volunteer to express their emotions and feelings about a specific topic through music, fostering self-awareness and promoting open communication.

Soundtrack of my feelings Helper


Step 1:

Choose a specific topic or theme that you’d like the volunteer to explore through music. It could be a recent experience, a personal challenge, or anything that elicits emotions.

Step 2:

Ask the volunteer to create a playlist on Spotify that represents how they feel about the chosen topic. They should select songs that resonate with their emotions and thoughts.

Step 3:

Encourage the volunteer to choose a minimum of 5-10 songs for their playlist. They can add songs that make them feel happy, sad, motivated, or any emotion related to the topic.

Step 4:

Once the playlist is ready, schedule a meeting to discuss it. During the meeting, have the volunteer explain why they selected each song and how it relates to their feelings about the chosen topic.

Step 5:

As the mentor, actively listen and ask open-ended questions to deepen the conversation. This exercise provides insight into the volunteer’s emotions and promotes a deeper understanding between the mentor and volunteer.

Tip from a Mentor

Be empathetic and non-judgmental during the discussion. It’s important to create a safe space for the volunteer to share their feelings.

Use this method to explore various aspects of the volunteer’s life, helping them process emotions related to their ESC experience.

Encourage the volunteer to update their playlist over time as their feelings and perspectives evolve.


Topic: “Challenges in a New Environment”

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