Thank you letter

Why use this?

This activity’s goal is to encourage deep reflection, boost the volunteer’s self awareness and act as a tool of acknowledging and appreciating other peoples’ influence on our personal growth.

Thank you letter helper


This activity encourages reflection and appreciation for personal growth. Volunteers write a thank you letter, reflect and readjust, quantify their learning, and focus on well-being. Use A4 paper and color pens/pencils for 60 minutes. No right or wrong answers, mention anyone who contributed to the experience. Stage finish at the end.

At the end of the project, the volunteer gets to write a letter of appreciation reagrding their experience.

He/she can mention anyone that they met and who somehow contributed to their experience. It is important that the volunteer knows why and how the people mentioned actually helped him/her during the experience. Also, situations from which the volunteer benefited, can be mentioned.

Tip from a Mentor

You need to let the volunteer completely free to express him/herself.There is no right or wrong answer, nor people that should be mentioned or excluded.

Extra Material

TreasureBox for Mentors

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