The Ghost

Why use this?

This method is helpful in order to get to know your volunteer, explore different aspects of their personality and work on communication skills.

Ghost Helper


The Ghost card game method involves drawing cards and describing aspects of personality or likes/dislikes, promoting communication and exploration. Materials needed are cardboard and colorful pens.

This method is inspired by the card game “Ghost Blitz 2” and requires creativity and imagination from the mentor. The mentor’s task is to create his/her own cards (they don’t need to be extremely awesome, neither the mentor has to be a gifted artist) and draw different objects in different colors. The more cards the better the result. During their meeting, the mentor and the mentee draw 2 cards, from which they need to select one.

For example “I chose the picture with the yellow pen because I am a fan of literature. Sometimes I write my own poems.” or ” This brown door describes my personality because I am a bit of an introverted person.” The answers sometimes might lead into wonderful discussions.

Tip from a Mentor

The way this method can be applied varies. You can pick only one card from the pile for example each turn without having the ability to choose one out of two or you can do this activity while walking in a park. It is completely up to you how you want to run it.

Extra Material

Twinkl Platform

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