OPEN UP! – Game

Choose a Photo

Choose a word

GoalAchievementDifficulty FavorableBarrier
ExpectationEndPositivityLonelinessGetting along 
NegativityPossibilityEmpathyHonestyBeing yourself

Choose a questions

What am I grateful for right now?What do I love to do in general?What obstacle do I have to overcome to become my best self?What am I afraid of? 
What makes me feel joyful?What are my goals? What gives me the power to move on? What skills and competences have I acquired until now?
What should I leave behind?What am I able to forgive right now?Is there something I might ignore?What are the expectations of my evolution?
How am I perceived by other peopleWhat do I think of myself and why?Do I know what opportunities can I access?

Choose a sound* alternative for a image

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